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KJTS News Update: KJTS To Raise RM58.9 Million From ACE Market IPO

KJTS To Raise RM58.9 Million From ACE Market IPO

IPO Targets Strategic Expansion and Strengthening of Operations Across Southeast Asia

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KJTS Highlights in Cooling & Facilities Management

Year in Review: Cooling Energy Management and Facilities Management

As the new year begins, we reflect on the significant advancements made in cooling energy management and facilities management in 2023. Key highlights include the increasing adoption of smart technologies, the focus on natural refrigerants, and the use of technology to improve operational efficiency and occupant comfort.

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Mobile Facilities Management: The Future of Efficient Facility Management

Mobile facilities management (MFM) is the use of mobile technology to manage and optimize facility operations. It offers a number of advantages over traditional facilities management methods, including increased efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. In this article, we discuss the key benefits of MFM and how it can help organizations improve their facility management operations.

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Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions for Businesses

Explore innovative and cost-effective ways to enhance your business's cooling infrastructure while reducing energy consumption. Discover how energy-efficient cooling solutions can positively impact your bottom line and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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KJTS Group Berhad Inks Underwriting Agreement with Hong Leong Investment Bank

IPO Set to Issue 218.03 Million New Ordinary Shares or 31.69% of the enlarged number of issued shares for its listing on the ACE Market

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KJTS Group Berhad Receives Bursa Malaysia's Approval for Ace Market Listing

KJTS Group Berhad's IPO Set to Propel Expansion in Building Support Services Sector

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Sustainable HVAC Practices for Eco-Friendly Buildings

Discover the key to eco-friendly buildings with sustainable HVAC practices. From energy-efficient technologies to smart building solutions, explore how these practices reduce environmental impact while ensuring optimal comfort. Embrace a greener future for your building.

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How Static Facilities Management Improves Building Performance

Explore the transformative impact of static facilities management on building performance. Learn how this innovative approach enhances efficiency, sustainability, and overall functionality, providing a foundation for smarter, more resilient structures.

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The Role of IoT in Optimizing Energy Consumption

Explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we manage and optimize energy consumption. This article delves into the various applications of IoT in energy efficiency, showcasing its potential to create sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

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Maximizing Efficiency: The Critical Role of Cooling Energy Management in 24/7 Operations

Explore the crucial role of cooling energy management in optimizing 24/7 operations. Discover how advanced technologies can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability for data centers, hospitals, hotels, and semiconductor manufacturing plants.

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