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ESG Reporting: Communicating Our Commitment to Stakeholders

Discover the importance of transparent ESG reporting in the building support services industry. Learn how our commitment to environmental, social, and governance standards fosters trust and supports sustainable growth.

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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality: Strategies for a Healthier Built Environment

Discover effective strategies to enhance indoor air quality and create a healthier built environment. Learn about ventilation, air-purifying plants, non-toxic products, humidity control, and regular cleaning for optimal indoor air quality.

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Energy-Efficient Solutions: Navigating the Future of Building Support Services

Explore the evolving landscape of energy-efficient building support services and discover how innovations are shaping the future of sustainable architecture. Learn about the latest trends and solutions in energy efficiency for buildings.

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KJTS' ESG Initiatives in Building Support Services

Driving Sustainability: Our ESG Initiatives in Building Support Services

KJTS goes beyond exceptional building support services. Discover how our commitment to ESG initiatives creates a positive impact on the environment, our employees, and the communities we serve.

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KJTS Highlights in Cooling & Facilities Management

Year in Review: Cooling Energy Management and Facilities Management

As the new year begins, we reflect on the significant advancements made in cooling energy management and facilities management in 2023. Key highlights include the increasing adoption of smart technologies, the focus on natural refrigerants, and the use of technology to improve operational efficiency and occupant comfort.

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